Brilliant stuff, great stories and photos. Many thanks for your work regarding this 'nostalgia' project. Saw NO on their Scandinavian tour '81 and was beamed back in time meself when reading your book. Björn K, Sweden. Email.




A supporter has very generously gifted me a copy of the amazing, beautiful and lovingly trainspottery tome From Heaven to Heaven... lovingly annotated with tapes, setlists, unpublished photos, and other ephemera of the day. If you are a New Order fan, you need this book. The Power of Independent Trucking.




F***ing cracker of a book... so many memories (the tape trading memories that this brought back to me from the mid 80s was worth the money alone). Great to see so many unseen pics and memorabilia. Best book I've seen on NO... end of... brilliant to see condensed into such a professional artefact. Pat T, England. Email.




A fine piece of work. Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music.




A magnificent artefact. You give 'anoraks' a good name. Richard M, England. Email




Fantastic book bringing back some great memories! Jerry N, England. Email




Must congratulate you on such an excellent job documenting the journey. See-Ye T, Australia. Email





Really great job. Kevin P, Scotland. Email



Fantastic! Dave G, England. Email



First impressions are it looks great! Mike W, England. Email




I got it! Thanks so much it is gorgeous and definitely worth the wait. Rick W, USA. Email





Great photos. Really good book. Gift card well spent. David W. Twitter



Read first 2 pages and then had it taken off me as it's a birthday present... which isn't until May... bugger... Kel. neworderonline





Fascinating read and some very happy memories. Tim. neworderonline





The book is fantastic!! Andrew G, England. Email



It's brilliant. Sean C, England. Email


It’s awesome! Beautifully bound and has a serious ‘quality’ feel and the photos are reproduced so well. Mark P, England. Email

I spotted your book (in Rough Trade). I picked it up - just, almost broke my arm..! Started reading the opening pages. Felt myself losing it. Had to buy a copy. IT'S BLOODY MAGNIFICENT! Ian L, England. Email



I've just received FHTH! It's Christmas before Christmas. Viet N, France. Email


Top book. Blinding read. Worth every penny. CP @Polewka123, Twitter



Your beautiful book arrived in today's mail. Wow, this is simply an amazing piece of art and history. I cannot thank you enough. Well done. Thank you. Thank you! Matthew M, United States. Email


Absolutely amazing. Hervé P, France. Email


"Warning," Stephen Morris advises in his introduction, "this book contains memories." And tape cassette tracklists, flyers, ticket stubs, fanzine reprints, gig reports, ephemera of every stripe, hundreds of historic photos, and forewords by Peter Hook, Moby and Paul Morley. If you want amp settings and a breakdown of the backstage riders, they're probably in this magnificent compendium too. Mark Ellen, The Word. Magazine



Congratulations on this fantastic narrative, magnificently illustrating one of the best bands of all time!!! To share this passion for JD/NO is really formidable! Gilles C, France. Email


Just thought I’d drop you a note to say that I think the book is wonderful… Joe T, England. Email



Such a fantastic book deserves a much bigger audience. I know New Order fans our age are in the minority but I wish you all the luck in the world to get this wonderful book to as many fans as possible. Andrew L, England. Text



Amazing book. Fantastic effort mate. John G, England. Email


Just reading this superb book now… thanks for sharing this labour of love with us all. It is a really gorgeous book to look at and is very fitting as a Factory Records artefact. Phillip L, England. Facebook and email

Thank you so much for your !! f a n t a s t i c !! book. I love it and am really happy and proud that I got one before it was sold out! Jörg R, Germany. Email

Just to say I am totally engrossed in your book. I am living it all again. Andrew D, England. Email



Got a look at the hard copy from a generous friend a while back so know I'm getting something special. Chris P, England. Email



A monument to fandom… it's the fans' single-minded dedication that makes it. The Stool Pigeon. London. Magazine


What a beauty! Much larger than I imagined, very nicely done, congratulations and many thanks. Duncan O, Germany. Email


(The book) has really taken me back to my teenage years devouring everything and anything concerning NO/JD. I always thought I was a super fan, but I really had no idea!… The stories that I’ve read up to so far had me in complete awe… I imagine I’m slightly younger (42) than you and I didn't get to see NO until much later but reading this stuff puts me there and I’m grateful for that… wish you every success with the book, it deserves it. Andy P, England. Email


Absolutely astonishing book… Amazing tales of ye olden days! Bringing back loads of memories. Ken J, Twitter


The detail you've got is just superb. Fell asleep holding it last night! Jason B (reprise!), England. Email



Can I just say a big thank you for a fantastic book. It has obviously been a labour of love. Mark S, England. Email



Brilliant! Confusion, neworderonline.com


Thanks so much for your hard work. People all over the world (even rural, farm land USA) will love this! Matthew M, United States, email


It's big isn't it!… Find I have to sit at the dining room table to marvel at it, far too heavy to hold for too long. But yeah, amazing book. Fantastic. Johnny, neworderonline.com


Crackin book. Carl G, England. Email


This book is stunning. Johnnyboy, neworderonline.com


Just got my copy of the book - many thanks - its terrific… Nick C, England. Email



I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know as a New Order fan of some 30 odd years, and as someone who’s collected every book written about the band and Joy Division, this is by far the best I have ever seen. What a labour of love, and when I saw the montage of TDK tapes, it took me straight back to my years trawling the market stalls in Camden for bootlegs... Well done… Andy P, England. Email


Top notch. OutofOrder, neworderonline.com


Just had my first glance, it's amazing. Cannot wait to read it. Thanks for writing it. Jason B, England. Email


Got mine yesterday… amazin book, thanks. Big respect. Matthias S, Germany. Facebook


Very beautiful book. I don't regret my purchase. Clerk, France. neworderonline



Congrats for the book, it's fantastic! Alexandre C, France. Email


I just wanted to say, I got the book, it is amazing! Thank you for producing it. Jon S, England. Email


… am enjoying the nostalgia trip very much. It is definitely a labour of love! Simon S, England. Email



I'm not quite finished reading the new edition yet, but I'll be done by tonight. Then I'll no doubt start all over again on page one tomorrow! I already noticed some of the changes you mentioned, and I love the index which I can imagine must have taken many hours to do… I thought many of the photos looked a bit bigger and even better this time around. Brilliant stuff! Erik, Norway. Email. Part 2


It's brilliant… … a fabulous effort. The photos are amazing. The generation that had to carry around unwieldy cameras and videos etc… I remember the size of the one you had in Kilburn! Ian T, Scotland. Email


Just to say the book arrived this week and is absolutely great. Thanks for putting it together. Jeremy M, England. Email



Got the book this morning at work. Had a short 1st look at it, locked up my office and had a LENGTHY 2nd look. Amazing!!! Thank you!!! Will have a few beers and some New Order on the hi fi after this until the neighbours call the cops. BIG TA. Rolf O, Germany. Email


I’ve just received your wonderful book and it’s truly magnificent! All the love and care and attention to detail that went into it, wow... Going through the pages I wish I was there at those gigs, but this really is the next best thing, so thanks again! I know what I will be doing this weekend ;-) Paul G, Netherlands. Email


I'm really happy to report that No. 80 arrived safely today, thanks a lot! It looks amazing, just like the previous edition did too. I'm really looking forward to reading it again, by now I've lost count how many times I've read the first edition, and from what I understand there are some minor corrections etc, I already noticed the new index which is really useful. This is a truly beautiful book, and I don't mean just visually. I'm thrilled that many more people will now get a chance to obtain a copy as the first edition was so very limited. With the current sad state of the band it's wonderful to relive the times when their music meant so much to me, and it got me back into listening to and enjoying all the early albums and singles. Thanks once again, rest assured I'll keep recommending your book to anyone who'll listen! Erik, Norway. Email. Part 1


Monumental work of reference, I've months of discoveries ahead. Many thanks. Marble and Stone, Twitter


(From Heaven to Heaven book competition) The epic book… one amazing tome… a cultural history and an essential addition to any New Order fan's life… a much treasured item, loads of people wanted it, and it's only £30. I reckon it's worth the investment. John Kennedy, Xposure, XFM Radio


Got a package yesterday, and it blew my head off! It's an amazing piece of work. congrats!!!!! Daan H, Belgium. Email



F*** me, what a beautiful thing it is. Rorschach, neworderonline.com


What a wonderful job you did with the book!! My post officer delivered it to my door this morning, so I instantly sat down on my bathroom’s floor to flip through the book, with much amazement… MANY THANKS!… I’m happy to be one of its owners, it’ll take a special place on my bookshelf. Can’t wait to get back home after work to start reading… Bernd H, Belgium. Email

Very pleased with the result; worth the wait! Let's_Play_Hooky, neworderonline.com


What a fantastic book! I couldn’t have dreamed of so much ‘hometown coverage’. Years later....... I did my Uni exams in that hotel! Roy G, Scotland (Aberdeen). Email

Yea def amazing… Great book to have… sacred to hold. Thank you so much for your huge effort and investment of time/emotion - it's a work of art from cover to cover. I won't crap on about 'what I liked about it was' - there's no need and would only dilute its true value… I just need a spare month, several cases of wine and some peace and quiet to fully digest the contents. Martin G, New Zealand. Facebook


I really can’t express how amazing it is, what a truly awesome journey. Pete B, New Zealand. Email


Fantastic book, going to keep me busy for a while. Adrian R, neworderonline.com


Just received my book today, didn't expect it to be quite this big. It's absolutely beautiful to look at, amazing really. Looking forward to reading it all. Thanks. Hats off to you for putting this together. Geri K, The Netherlands. Facebook

I'm very impressed by the result! In A Noisy Place, France. neworderonline.com


The book is beautiful, thank you. Francois-Marc L, France. Email.



To say I’m pleased would be a ridiculous understatement! And I’ve only made it to the contents page! This book brings back memories of when all those years ago (I suppose I was 21 , 22) I bought ‘An Ideal For Living’ (the book). It transported me and my friends to the world (from so so far away here in Adelaide ) that I would have loved to have been part of! JD/NO world! 1977-1984. You obviously lived that life and now thanks to you I can join with the Bedford fans on that same journey all these years down the track. It still feels thrillingly alive! Gonna have to bang on ‘Turn the Heater On’ or something!… The great thing about your book, it will take in all the magical/mystical songs that remain my favourite NO tracks of all time… OK, better start reading! Glenn R, Australia. Email

Very pleased.  Excellent work --- congrats on this fine accomplishment! Jonathan C, USA. Email.


Much more of a book then I ever expected. Ed K, Netherlands. Email


Just wanted so say it far exceeded my expectations, fantastic book. Thanks so much for sharing your memories, it's going to keep me busy for a while. Heaven '84 was my first New Order gig so it's great to read about the earlier years. Thanks Again. Adrian R, USA. Email


Stunning book. Remco T, Netherlands. Email



It is beautiful. The ticket/numbered copy and personal inscription is the icing on the cake. I will cherish this. Thanks a lot. Paul M, email.


It looks fantastic, superbly put together, big thanks to Dec. lowlife, neworderonline.com


Totally brilliant… Wonderful packaging as well – I think it’s totally undervalued at this price – amazing. Once again, thanks so much for bringing the memories back – mind you I don’t think they ever (or will ever) fade. David B, Australia. Email

Cool indeed! Phil D, England. Email


What a lovely book. It looks too good to read…Thank you for all the effort you put into getting it out... Now I want the prints you are bringing out please… Keep up the very good work… Graham J, England. Email


Absolutely Brilliant! Highly recommended to anyone who is considering ordering a copy. Lill, neworderonline.com



GOT IT GOT IT GOT IT!!! Fantastic product. Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into this brilliant book... Nitin S, England. Email


Very impressive! Dennis C, neworderonline.com


Book arrived this morning. Currently pouring over all the amazing detail and beautiful shots - a stunning piece of work sir. Not going to be able to put this down for quite some time :-) Congratulations!! Steve M, email.


The best £30 I have ever spent. This book is a must for any New Order fan. Absolutely love it. A true labour of love. Tock, neworderonline.com


It's great! Jesús B, Spain. Email


Was getting a bit nervous that it might not arrive, well that's the Order, late… It felt like I was holding a first edition Bible it was that holy.. noooo you can't say that Dad, OK Dead Sea scrolls then... it is bloody amazing, you look and realise why you love 'em, still. 79 order, neworderonline.com


It's brilliant! Samantha P, UK. Email


It looks superb and well worth the wait. NotAMod, neworderonline.com


Thank you for the most wonderful book… I am in Heaven… And I was there… for my part… Thank you for bringing so many fantastic memories back in blissful colour… Dreams never end… Right, now must find all those mixing desk CDs Alex did for me, so I can soundtrack this exceptional book. Thanks once again. Andy L, England. Text.


Got mine today, it's huge! Steve S, England. neworderonline.com


#193 arrived in the Pacific Northwest today. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it looks really well done. Lots of great photos when I flipped through it! Vanishing Point, neworderonline.com



It's simply gorgeous. Klive H, England. Facebook


Just received your book & me and @LunarDeathWitch are astounded - amazing detail, beautifully done! Jonathan R, Twitter


Wow, absolutely awesome, a fabulous record of New Order's finest years and a piece of music history to cherish for years to come. Thanx for putting so much effort into this project as it truly has paid off and worth waiting for. Listened to your interview on XFM Friday night, very interesting. You are so lucky to have been a part of this chapter in music history. Joy Division and New Order are still 2 of the best bands period. Well done. Adrian S, England. email.


It is simply fantastic. Derek C, Twitter.



Just received your book... it's truly f***ing beautiful!!!! A proper fans view of New Order. Can't wait to settle down with it… my 1st gig wasn't until 85, Swansea Mayfair. I've racked up a fair few since. I went to South America 2006 but I would of sooner seen more gigs during the years of your book. Oh well, I'm off up my attic to dig my bootleg tapes out now. Just had another flick through it... This ain't a book this is a work of art. Darren G, Wales.


Got the book yesterday - it's brilliant and brings back memories of things I'd forgotten… Paul G, England.


Dec Hickey on @XFM Xposure was the best radio I have heard in yonks!! Defo gonna buy the book… Chris M, Twitter


Mine was waiting at home yesterday. Absolutely fantastic and a wonderful piece of work. Villa Mark, neworderonline.com


I got From Heaven to Heaven today and it's fantastic. By the sounds of it New Order had the same effect on us as they did on you back in '81. The Roadmenders gig in Northampton absolutely floored us… We also went to the Nottingham Rock City gig later on that year, Futurama '82 and the Birmingham Tower Ballroom gig in '83 when they did Love Will Tear Us Apart for the first song… I can't thank you enough for putting your book out. It looks like you had access to places that we could only dream of at the time. They really were our idols and there was such a special atmosphere to those early years. I was lucky enough to have seen Joy Division at Hemel Hempstead Pavilion when they supported Buzzcocks on the Autumn '79 tour but in a strange way the early New Order gigs were… 'better' isn't the right word but they had more emotional resonance because of what had happened… Your book is going to be my dip in bedtime read for hopefully years to come, it's absolutely amazing.. I hope it sells thousands. Mark R, England.


The book is just excellent. Mr Hull, neworderline.com



Just received the book, WOW, this has given me nostalgic thrill and a half, I cannot wait to read it, the print quality, design and photos are lovely… This period of NO was the most exciting, fertile and downright thrilling period of their existence, listening to these gigs still brings goosebumps in a way that few other musical experiences do, thanks for bringing it to life. I will treasure this book. Laurence H, England.


(Re his Xposure show) … & a chat w/ Dec Hickey the man behind a fantastic book on the early days of New Order 'From Heaven to Heaven'. Essential! John Kennedy, XFM Radio, England.


Just received the book… fantastic… I was at the Edinburgh Valentino's gig as a 16 year old, blew my mind soon as I saw the pics, remembered everything... Richard P, Scotland. Facebook

Got my book today and got to say it is fookin superb, I cannot recommend this book high enough for any New Order obsessive. I was one of the lucky 750. Well worth the money. You need this book. More writing in it than I thought which is a good thing. Great forewords and Paul Morley sums up why it is we are New Order obsessives. The best book about New Order ever written. The Shadow, neworderonline.com

Fantastic job. Beautiful book. Mark P, England.


Got mine today, proper chuffed with it! 'Geno', neworderonline.com


Returned this evening to find a lovely package waiting for me… upon initial glance, it looks absolutely fantastic – congratulations… Looking forward to a good night spent diving in properly. Martin T, Guernsey.

Looks incredible, I'm off to examine with a mug of tea as soon as the kettle boils. Beautiful work, thank, you. Damien L, Scotland. Email.




Thanks for writing and compiling such a wonderful book. Ed M, England. Email.



Lavish and stunning book. Rough Trade, London. www.roughtrade.com



Thanks very much for the amazing surprise I got when I arrived at XFM last night. The book is fantastic! I'm very touched you sent it to me. In fact I found it quite emotional! John Kennedy, XFM Radio, email.




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